Bringing refreshment to the Wives who Thrive ~Isaiah 44:4

T3 bundles are care packages for military spouses whose husbands are deployed.

We aim to bless wives whose spouses are deployed. We want to give them a blessing box to let them know we see them and are praying for them.

Do you have a deployed spouse or have a friend who does?

We would love to send you or your friend a T3 Bundle. Reach out below!

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Would you like to support the vision of the t3 bundles?

  • You can support us financially by giving towards the T3 bundle funds by clicking below.

  • Prayer is always appreciated and welcome. Prayers for more women to be supported and for WS to be financially capable of continuing to bless women are especially welcome.

  • You can also donate items for the bundles. If you have items you would like to donate, you can contact us using the contact form above.