Flourish 2020 

Our theme is all about Flourishing! We believe you are able to bloom wherever you are planted. We understand that the military lifestyle is anything but normal, but it is OUR normal. So how do we Flourish and continue growing in this wild ride of life we are on?!? That’s just what this conference is about!


Did you know that we have a podcast?! This is a place just for you! We share military spouses and familiar lifestyle stories. We encourage and give tips BUT give you a platform to share your story and heart with others. You can listen to our podcast or be a part of it.


With the uncertain times, we are going to plan another virtual conference, October 2020. We can’t wait to share with you all about God’s Victories and promises. How can we live victorious lives?? Come and hear what God has placed on our hearts to share. You can sign up now for your spot. It is limited to 100 people. So sign up and secure your spot today!!


Taking Flight is designed for a group of women to be able to plan a Retreat, In-Home gathering or Bible Study. The materials are provided for you to be able to print out for your group. This is the perfect resource to be able to grow and go deeper with other ladies, especially for military spouses.

You can also watch from the comfort of your home. We have a booklet for indivuals as well. 

Women soaring


Women Soaring is about finding freedom in who we are in Jesus Christ. We’re on a mission to equip women to use their gifts and talents to fulfill what God has called each end every women to.                                                                                                            Women Soaring is a diverse community of women with hearts for Jesus!