Written By: Kari Dickson

I’ve always been someone that rushes things. Rushed conversations, rushed getting my kids out of the house, rushed getting jobs, rushed quitting jobs, rushed moving out of my parents’ home, rushed getting married, rushed having kids, rushed driving, rushed decisions…rush, rush, rush. What has all this gotten me? People disinterested in talking to me, screaming at my kids, causing them to cry, miserable job situations, jobless and penniless, time lost with my parents and siblings, married young, young mom and little time before kids to enjoy being married, speeding tickets, and lots of consequences.

Why has it always been about rushing? Have you fallen to pressures from yourself, others, and society to be in a rush like I have in ways you shouldn’t? For me, it came from FOMO. Have you heard this acronym used recently? It’s the “fear of missing out.” A fear that if you don’t do it now, get there now, experience it now, maybe you never will. But where does faith in God’s timing fit in if we only trust in our timing? How has FOMO caused you to miss out on God’s best plan for your life? Where have I missed out on something grander while I was rushing?

In the last nine months, I’ve been hearing God in my spirit say, “come to me, I will give you rest.” When we stop rushing, rest is what we get. On mornings I didn’t want to get up and be in His word; in those moments when I felt overwhelmed by all that I had allowed into my life outside of God’s timing; this was when I heard Him in my spirit the loudest. How could I possibly get more rest by getting up and not sleeping longer? How could reading the Bible bring renewal to my mind when I could barely think? I would love to tell you I started listening, got my butt out of bed, and opened that book consistently, but that’s not what happened. I would love to tell you that I rushed to do this, but this is one area where I wasn’t rushing. Why?

My flesh.

It seems impossible by human thinking that getting less sleep would bring more rest, but it does when God asks you to do so. Just like slowing down and not rushing brings more enjoyment and sensitivity to God’s timing. God isn’t asking me not to sleep and stay up studying His word (although sometimes He will). Instead, He was asking me for this commitment in THIS season to prepare me for the NEXT. He calls us to commit to different things at different times and calls us to rush sometimes to somethings. Little did I know that in the NEXT season sleeping in would not be an option, and being able to slow down would become exceedingly difficult.

In the last few months, I have gotten up many mornings earlier than I ever had – many I didn’t. I slowed down at times – but not enough. I missed out on a time of beautiful rest because I didn’t rush to His command. God gives us everything we need at different times in different seasons to do His will. But when we use our strengths that He has given us OUT of season, and in wrong ways, we miss what He intended for us during that time.

God was calling me to rest because He knew my foster care application would be expedited, and I would get three foster children that would demand all my time and energy. In this NEXT season, I wouldn’t get to have that time of rest with Him in the way I could THEN. What would have happened if I would have used my ability to do something quickly to pursue Him? I know I won’t have to ponder this for too long. There will be another time of rest in a similar or different season. Will I rush to Him or give in to my desire? Is my ability to rush going to be used in the way God desires or in the way I do?

What about you? What have you added to your life or kept too much of that God never intended for you? What is He calling you to rush into that you have ignored? Where do you need to stop rushing PERIOD, and what can you do to stop? Maybe you need to slow down like I had to in order to enjoy your current season of responsibilities and do them well, experiencing this season in the way God that designed.

I challenge you to ask God today what He wants you to let go of and what to continue. Wait on Him in prayer, earnestly seeking His answer. Then, when you sense His spirit calling for a change, step in faith confidently knowing HE knows what’s best…not you. What I pray for you is PEACE. If you are willing to surrender your current season to the working of His hand, peace is what you will get, even in the trials.

Are you ready? Surrender.

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord. ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'” Isaiah 55:8-9 (NIV)