Written By: Kari Dickson

I was raised in church. The gospel isn’t new to me. I’ve heard the Good News of Jesus over and over from childhood, but hearing the gospel and living it out can be a hard gap to close. Even harder, it seems, is the distance between God’s promises and walking in faith and trusting that He will come through on those promises. I’ve always been someone who wants to be in control of the outcome of the circumstances of my life. I’ve made many decisions in my life based upon my own knowledge and experiences. Can you relate?

Some of the choices I have made have turned out okay. Others have resulted in disaster, and I’ve had to deal with the terrible consequences. It wasn’t until the last two years that I finally began to realize how to stand on God’s promises and wait for His timing in order to experience His favor and blessing in the next step. The result of this waiting and standing firm in my faith has allowed me to be a part of some incredible God-given moments! Many factors of a maturing faith have come into play in my life to get me where I’m at today. Factors that took many years to develop and many that still need more development. Instead of rushing to make a decision, I’ve been asking how a decision lines up against God’s Word, praying about it first and then discerning when to go and when to wait based upon what the Bible says and the Holy Spirit prompts. Where in your life do you need to pray more that you see the steps God has established for your life?

The most recent example I can give about trusting in God is our foster care journey. Three young children came into our care 3 1/2 months ago with severe emotional and mental trauma. This journey has been one with many steps of faith. We’ve watched as God has confirmed and so clearly established these steps all along the way. There have been many times when I’ve asked what He is doing because I couldn’t clearly see what was going to happen next. Nonetheless, I keep practicing trust by leaving worry behind when my mind starts to swirl, and I turn to Him to get me through one trying moment to the next. And worry does swirl! But I remember that it was HIM that brought me here. This is a God-planted and established desire. It’s in the moments of worry, frustration, uncertainty, or anger that I think on and speak out loud:

  • “God will finish what He has started” (Phil 1:6),
  • “God is firmly establishing my steps” (1 Peter 5:10),
  • “God will renew my strength “(Isaiah 40:31),
  • “God knows the plans he has for me, plans to prosper me not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future” (Jer 29:11),
  • “God has promised me His Holy Spirit to guide me” (John 14:25-26),
  • “God says He is with me and will never leave me or forsake me” (Deut 31:6),
  • “He is my strength in my weakness” (2 Cor 12:9).

It’s for this very reason we must know Scripture! We must be in God’s Word to establish in our brains what His promises and truths are. It’s not a matter of IF moments of opportunity will come where we need to stand on His promises. It’s a matter of WHEN. We don’t have to memorize Scripture (although I believe it’s important to do so in order to strengthen our faith), but we must renew our minds with His Word daily for it to be what our minds retreat to in time of trouble, doubt or uncertainty. If we aren’t renewing our minds with God’s Word and gaining the confidence only Scripture can bring, we leave room for negative things and false truths to take root.

So how can you begin to stand more firmly in your faith? Maybe it’s establishing a routine for Bible reading or a time for prayer. Maybe it’s establishing a pattern of speaking out loud the promises of God and remembering how to continue to stand firm on those promises. Or maybe it’s sitting down and looking up what Scripture says or relates to a specific circumstance or trial in your life. Below are some links that have a collaboration of the promises of God. Renewing your mind today and every day in Scripture will set your feet and faith firmly on Christ. God is better than you can ever imagine, and Jesus is more than you think.



Written By: Kari Dickson