Written By: Alora Yee

This Sunday in church, I found myself in tears. It wasn’t the sermon itself but something spoken which took me back in time to a moment of great affection. It took me back to when I was a young girl, to a moment when my step-father, my dad spoke love and belonging over me.

My biological father has been in and out of my life since I was about 6-7 years old. Around that same time, my mother met the man who would raise me, give me a sister and make us a family. Over the years, I struggled heavily with my biological father being absent. I struggled with feeling disposable, worthless, and unlovable. One day my dad explained to me the best way he could, how much of a blessing I was to him in his life. I don’t remember his specific words, but I remember him relating God giving my biological father a child who he did not choose but loved, to the moment that he had met me and how he had the privilege to choose to love me.

John 15:16 was shared in church this Sunday:

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last..”

Values intensify with sentimentality. My mother and father taught me love is a choice. And here in John 15 we have God, Love Himself, telling us, “Love chose you.” Jesus chose to die for a broken world as my father, who raised me, chose to love a broken child.

Choosing love doesn’t always look this beautiful or heroic. Sometimes choosing love looks like losing. Sometimes choosing love looks foolish and can even be dangerous or reckless. But Love is always even greater than hope and faith. Love always covers a multitude of sins. Love always endures. Love always is the perfect bond. Love is always permanently established and faithful.

I want to honor my mother and father with this blog. I want to honor my mother and father for not just saying and teaching but also showing by example, what it is to choose love. The values they passed on are that of our legacy, which we live out in our daily lives. I believe what God has stated in Exodus 20 – choosing Love as Love has chosen us. I have faith that when we love God and His commandments (like honoring our mother and father), He will show covenantal faithfulness to a thousand generations.

I am desperate for God to pass down this legacy of choosing Love to a thousand generations. It starts with today and the rest of my “todays.”

How can you honor your mother and father today? Have you ever sat down those who raised you and asked them what their mission or vision was for you and the family when they were in the midst of their caring? Have you asked those before you what their vision and greatest desires are for the family now?

Building on the foundation of Christ and a generational legacy is in each of our hands.

What will your legacy be?

Written By: Alora Yee