Hi again! It’s Tayler, Founder of Women Soaring. I want to share a bit of my heart and the heart of the Women Soaring Team. We are ALL about lifting up WOMEN! We want to give you an opportunity to grow, be encouraged, be challenged, and most of all, to be able to share your story and help other women as well. We enjoy partnering with other groups so that there are more resources. We are all in this together. Our heart is to win souls not follows, likes, or shares. 

So many spouses, especially military wives, can feel like they don’t have anything to share, are scared to share, or they don’t have a place to share, etc. That’s where we come in. Did you know we have guest bloggers? Have you ever written anything and wanted to share it somewhere?? Share it here!! 

Do you know we have a podcast? You can be a guest on our podcast and share YOUR story! The more women that realize they are not alone in this crazy ride of life, the better. As a military spouse, there are so many times I felt alone, that no one would understand, BUT once I began to share, SO many women felt the freedom to share and most importantly didn’t feel alone anymore. 

We have virtual conferences and webinars. It’s a GREAT opportunity to gather a few ladies in your home, the chapel, or wherever you want to meet and hear from ladies that are in it with you. You will be able to grow deeper in relationship with those friends and in your faith. We strongly encourage doing this with others. Build your tribe! 

We also have in-person conferences. Our first one will be on Oct 10th, 2020, in Arizona!! You are more than welcome to join! 

Maybe you are not ready to invite someone over or share your own story. You may be going through the toughest season of your life right now. WE GET IT!! We have a prayer wall on our site. We would be honored to pray for you!! You can post anonymously as well. 

If you are in need, join us on a Friday call for a time of prayer that we hold once a month! 

Anyone that meets me knows I love helping people come out of their comfort zones. Yes, it may be scary, but it’s freeing and exhilarating! I’m sure my team gets a little scared when I have a new vision for Women Soaring, but they have seen God’s faithfulness for following His calling. I encourage you to do the same and step out of your comfort zone. I would love for you to do one of the things listed above! We want to hear from you! 

You matter! God has a vision and plan for YOU! 

Much Love and Blessings,



To be a guest Blogger email: womensoaring@gmail.com

Podcast: Thriving Together https://www.spreaker.com/show/3601220/episodes/feed

Prayer Wall: women-soaring.com/prayer-wall

Webinars/Conferences: http://women-soaring.com/events

We are also looking for volunteers for the behind scenes!! There’s room for us all!!!