Written By: Lucy Thompson

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. 

That’s an understatement.

We’ve been dealing with our 10-year-old being extremely disrespectful and just plain hurtful for too long now. I love her with all of my heart, but there are moments when I really don’t like her at all. I know, that sounds super harsh when I put it in writing. I love her, truly! I’m exhausted, though. All the bickering with her siblings, talking back to my husband, and to me, that face she gives when you know what she’s thinking, and she needs to change that face right now! Ugh!!!! 

I’m. Just. So. Tired.

I miss my sweet little girl. I know she’s there somewhere.

I finally had enough. It was a week straight of bad attitudes. I cried out to God. I begged Him for His help. I should have done that so much sooner than I did. I also reached out to all of the ladies in my life groups and asked them to pray for us. That next day, God allowed me to see my sweet girl again. It was so amazing! I made sure to hug her and praise her for her manners and respectful attitude all day. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her efforts.

I try to be an open book. I don’t like only telling others when everything is going smoothly. That’s not real life; we all struggle now and then. I try to be as transparent as possible to be able to relate to others, to let them know they are not alone in their battles. How are those who are closest to you supposed to know how to pray for you if they don’t know what’s going on in your life? I know that God hears all of our prayers individually, but there’s just something so powerful in having your prayer warriors going to the Lord on your behalf.

Believe me; I know it can be frightening to be vulnerable with more than one person. But it is also freeing and unexplainable to know that others love you enough to include you in their prayers to our Heavenly Father. I pray so much that you have a group that you can go to, that you can be open about your victories and struggles. We all need each other.

Written By: Lucy Thompson