Written By: Tayler Cathrine

Do you ever get that strong calling of God asking you to do something? I tend to get that calling when I’m driving and I see a woman or woman and her kids walking outside. I typically listen to God and ask would if the woman would like a ride. I will even make a U-turn around just ask the question. Nine out of ten times they say, “No.” When I don’t listen to that calling, it sticks with me. 

The last time I didn’t listen, God clearly said, ” I just want to know if you are obedient to my calling.” OUCH! I quickly turned around and asked the woman with all her bags if she wanted a ride, receiving the usual response of “no”. Those earlier moments of saying “no thank you” to God brought that awful feeling that I did something wrong. It’s like when your parents say “I’m so disappointed in you!” I would rather a spanking or punishment over those words. 

When I came across this image, I couldn’t agree more with how comforting this is. God is bigger than our stupidity or our lack of obedience. When Abraham and Sarah chose to have a child on their terms instead of listening to God and his promises, they got Ishmael (Genesis 16). This brought jealousy for Sarah and even let her know that she was the reason they couldn’t have kids. What a blow! 

Hagaar and Ishmael were even sent away, but God still blessed Hagaar and Ishmael. God also blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son, Isaac (Genesis 17). God didn’t let their mistakes ruin His greater plan. Was it messier and filled with more heartache? Absolutely! But it doesn’t mean God quits using us when we make mistakes or blatantly disobey. So, what is God calling you to do that you are trying to do by yourself or act like He didn’t say anything at all? What do you need to let go of today and let God have and move? Let’s let go of that resistance and move forward, taking one step at a time towards the goal God is calling us to. 

God, I pray that You will speak to me through my next steps and help me to let go of what I shouldn’t be holding onto. I thank You for Your grace and forgiveness. Please guide me towards what you are calling me to.

Written By: Tayler Cathrine